I’d like to welcome you to my blog. 

Actually, I’d like to welcome myself to it!  This is a bit of a departure for me as I haven’t used Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram before this year and a blog is also something I’ve never done.  Like others though, I’ve been pushed by coronavirus and lockdown to start using different ways of contacting people.  I can’t call them new ways, these online platforms have been around for ever.  But new to me.  And perhaps to you.  

So, what’s going on?

A few different things.  In this first post I thought I’d tell you a bit more about myself.  How I became an Osteopath.  What I was doing before.  The ways I like to work.  Maybe my star sign and my favourite colour as well?   Read on.

The television years.

My professional background is in theatre, music and dance education.  Through playing in a band and sound mixing this led me to a career in television as a sound recordist making documentary films.  I loved it and had many years when I met and worked with a wide variety of people, exploring their worlds and personal stories.  I first came to Osteopathy as a client to treat a work-related shoulder injury.  I thought it was fantastic.  It helped to relieve my pain and regain movement and over the years I went to see my osteopath regularly.  Television crewing is rewarding but intense.  There’s a lot of pressure and a lot of burn-out in the industry.  I didn’t want that to happen to me so after about 15 years I started to think about a career change.


It just seemed to fit.  It offered a way of bringing all my experiences together.  I could use my understanding through music and dance of how the body works, and also use the empathy and understanding of what makes people tick that I’d needed to be a good sound recordist.  I could keep doing a physical job which was important to me.  And I could be doing a job that would help people.

It was a good choice for me.  I enjoy taking a whole-person approach to health.  I get to take the time to understand and work with each person as a unique individual.  I feel proud of the skills and expertise that I’ve learnt and the fact that I get to use them every day.  Best of all, I’m able to treat people of all ages, and all levels of health, fitness and ability.  When I was sound-recording I used to travel all over the world and meet so many different people of different backgrounds with stories to tell.  Now I stay in one place and all the interesting people with the stories to tell and the puzzles to solve are the ones who travel to visit me in my clinic.

The small print.

Osteopaths are established Allied Health Professionals, musculo-skeletal experts who are trained to both diagnose and treat the many conditions that can affect the structural health of our bodies.  I completed five years of study and practical training at the British School of Osteopathy in 2004, and I’ve practiced as an Osteopath in the North East since then.  I’ve continued to train, and am a qualified Medical Acupuncturist and an APPI trained Pilates instructor.

As for my star sign and favourite colour…….

I don’t just tell anyone!  Book in to see me and I might let you know.