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As we move through our lives we develop postural habits and some of these can cause us problems.

As a child you may have carried a heavy school bag or done a newspaper round. As a parent you may have used one side for feeding the baby, or always held a small child on one hip. You probably use the same side for writing, or for kicking a ball, or holding a racquet, bat or golf club. These postures mean your body has constantly tilted or twisted in one direction.

Perhaps the main imbalance in your posture is from front to back. You may do a lot of driving or computer work sitting with your shoulders hunched and head forward. If you stand a lot, you may have the habit of leaning back a little to take the weight off the muscles in your lower back.

Whatever the causes of your postural problems I will work with you to identify the causes. I’ll use safe and effective techniques to help your body achieve a better balance. Then we’ll work together to choose the right stretches and exercises to help you continue to improve.

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