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Your neck has to work hard all day, every day. It has to hold your head up, and if you’re an adult your head will weigh around the same as a bowling ball.

Most of us develop poor postural habits, perhaps from computer work or from a lot of time driving. Sometimes our posture changes as a response to anxiety, or because of pain from a bad sleeping position. These postural habits can substantially increase the weight that the muscles and joints in the neck and shoulders have to hold.

As a result you might experience local tension, or headaches spreading from the neck upwards. Often people find that it hurts to turn or bend their neck. Muscle spasms in the shoulders, or numbness and pins and needles in the arms or hands can all be signs that your neck is working harder than necessary.

Osteopathic treatment focuses on the causes of your neck pain. I will use techniques to help increase your mobility and reduce pain and stiffness. I will give you advice and exercises and will work with you to help keep you feeling well and pain free in the long term.

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