I’m Jane Barnett and I live in Newcastle. I completed five years of study and practical training at the British School of Osteopathy in 2004, and I’ve practiced as an Osteopath in the North East since then.  I’ve continued to train, and am a qualified Medical Acupuncturist and an APPI trained Pilates instructor.  I’m based at Zest Physical Therapies in Sunniside.

When you first consult me I’ll listen to what’s happening to you, diagnose the problem and then agree a plan to move forward. This will involve a combination of hands on treatment, advice and exercise prescription.

Osteopathy is a whole health approach to helping you to move better and feel better. It’s based on the idea that the structure and ability of your body to move well has an affect on your health.

I use a variety of techniques to help my clients. These include spinal manipulation and soft tissue massage for aches, sprains and strains; dry needling and trigger point acupuncture for long-term knots and stiffness; taping for support or rehabilitation. I prescribe exercises to help condition, strengthen or lengthen targeted muscles or loosen joints and I offer 1:1 Pilates instruction.