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People want me to help them for many different reasons. Have a look at the links on this page for information about conditions I’m often asked about.

I’ll always tell you how likely it is that you’ll feel better and how long it will take. I’ll explain whether my work is more useful in helping you to manage your situation or whether I can work directly on your problem.

If we’re unable to work on a specific condition, Osteopaths concentrate on creating the circumstances that will allow you to manage the effects rather than on a ‘cure’. Osteopathic treatment to help you manage some of the long term effects of asthma is a good example of this indirect approach. There’s no evidence that Osteopathy can stop or help with your asthma, but I can work on some of the joint stiffness and muscle tightness that asthma can cause. If you’re unsure about whether Osteopathy can help you, just phone the direct line to speak to me.

Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most widely reported reasons for visiting a GP and affects most of us at some point in our lives.
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Posture and Alignment

As we move through our lives, we develop postural habits and sometimes these can cause us problems.
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Headaches can be experienced in many different ways, and have many different causes.
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Arthritic Pain

Osteoarthritis can affect most joints but is particularly common in the hip or knee.
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Sciatica is the term we use to describe the pain that comes from irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve.
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Shoulder Problems

Unlike the hip which is built like a simple ball and socket joint, the shoulder joint is more complex.
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Sports Injuries

Most of us who exercise regularly experience an injury at some point.
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Upper Limb

Dealing with wrist sprains, tennis elbow and frozen shoulder are all part of my job.
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Neck Pain

An adult’s head weighs about the same as a bowling ball. Your neck works hard holding it up all day, every day.
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Lower Limb

If you’ve an ankle sprain, knee problem or pain in your hip then my clinic is the right place for you.
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